Take my hand

Sometimes I feel like everybody's got a problem
Sometimes I feel like nobody wants to solve them
I know that people say we're never going to make it
But I know we're going to get through this
Close your eyes and please don't let me go
Don't let me go now
Close your eyes don't let me let you go
Don't, Don't ! 

Take my hand tonight
Let's not think about tomorrow
Take my hand tonight
We could find some place to go
Cause our hearts are locked forever
And our love will never die
Take my hand tonight
One last time

The city sleeps and we're lost in the moment
Another kiss says we're lying on the pavement
If they could see us they would tell us that we're crazy
But I know they just don't understand.

The raindrops
The tears keep falling
I see your face and it keeps me going
If I get lost your light's going to guide me
And I know that you can take me home
You can take me home.

Take my hand♣


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